Coping with Post-Wedding Depression

After the excitement and magic of your wedding is over, is it wrong to feel sad and disappointed – even depressed? According to marriage counselors, many couples expect to enter a state of bliss after they celebrate their weddings. Yet one of every 10 women experiences depression in the first year of her marriage [...]

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Help! The Kids Stole Our Sex Life

When you’re lying in bed after getting up to feed the baby or tuck your toddler back in for what seems like the hundredth time, you may wonder what happened to the sexual spark in your marriage – and worry that it might never come back. Even though kids don’t know what sex is, [...]

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7 New Year’s Resolutions for Married and Committed Couples

The New Year is a great time to enjoy some bubbly, clean out closets and look forward to your next trip around the sun. For married and committed couples, it’s also a fine opportunity to think about relationships and personal improvement. As individuals, we love to bundle that kind of stuff into things called [...]

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Giving Your Marriage Room to Breathe

Committed couples expect to receive many things from one another. But believing your marriage can satisfy the full spectrum of your personal needs – from intimacy to friendship to family and career support -- can place far too much stress on your relationship. Happy couples, whether married or not, learn to let their relationships [...]

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Truth, Lies and Our Relationships

With the current controversy over fake news, the issue of what’s true and untrue is very much on our minds these days. Many experts say we’re living in a world of diminishing trust – which may mean that our need for truthfulness in our closest relationships is greater than ever. Still, we know that [...]

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How Couples Can Avoid the Holiday Tug-of-War

For many married and committed couples, the decision of how to celebrate the winter holidays is a difficult one. Should we visit my family or yours? Stay home? Escape on an exciting vacation, avoiding the family scene altogether? It’s crucial for couples to create their own holiday traditions. Whether your calendar includes religious holidays [...]

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Learning to Live with Past Mistakes in Your Relationship

All of us do and say things we regret later. If you’ve experienced this in your marriage, both of you may be struggling to reach a point of forgiveness. This is especially true if your actions were deeply hurtful to one another. Conflicts can flare up so quickly in our closest relationships that we [...]

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Marriage and the Fine Art of Shutting Up

When it comes to conflict in marriage, a lot of us don’t know when to hush up. It’s tough to resist throwing in that last comeback, that eye roll, that cruel retort— even though it’s guaranteed to get you both all fired up again. Sometimes, nothing works. Not even our inner voice asking us [...]

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Is Someone You Love Dealing with Addiction?

Sometimes we use the word addiction to mean a craving for something we can’t resist, like new shoes or our favorite spiced latte. But at some level, we realize that addiction is something much darker and difficult to overcome – a pattern that can destroy even the strongest of relationships. If you are involved [...]

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How Compassion Can Heal Close Relationships

If you’re in a troubled marriage or other close relationship, you may be asking yourself what went wrong. How could the good times you once had turn into the dark days you feel you’re living through right now? If your relationship is filled with conflict, misunderstandings or periods of frustrated silence, you may find [...]

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