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Are Past Relationships Haunting Your Current Marriage?

It’s often said that the past is never really finished with us. This truth can be especially powerful when it comes to our intimate relationships. Could the partner who was unfaithful to you years ago be affecting your ability to trust the partner you’re with now? Do memories of your parents’ relationship have an influence [...]

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Beating Back-to-School Stress: 9 Tips for Keeping Your Relationship Strong

Have you noticed that during the busiest times of the year, your marriage often feels less satisfying and supportive? It’s no secret that life transitions place an extra strain on our most important relationships. And often, we’re just so busy coping that we don’t take time to notice what’s happening – or not happening [...]

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Attracted to Someone Else? Don’t Let a Crush Destroy Your Marriage

Are you shocked to find out that your partner is attracted to other people? Really, it should be no surprise – since you likely check other people out as well. It’s totally normal to be aware of others who catch your eye and even to admire the way they look or behave. However, this [...]

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10 Ideas for Creating a Couples Journal

Capturing the story of your relationship on paper can be a rewarding way for couples to explore the life they have created together. In fact, many marriage therapists recommend journaling as a means of cultivating closeness – and working through the tough spots that are a natural part of any couple’s story. GETTING STARTED [...]

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Vacation Alert: Why Conflicts (and Divorces) Rise after Couples Get Out of Town

Have you ever returned from a special trip with your spouse, only to wonder if your relationship is falling apart? If so, you’re not alone. A study from the University of Washington shows that conflicts and even divorces tend to peak in March and August, the periods following summer and winter vacations. It seems [...]

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Warning Signs: The 5 Fights Married Couples Have Before Divorcing

No two divorces are exactly the same – but the arguments that lead to a split are remarkably similar, marriage counselors say.Here are 5 common arguments that couples therapists frequently hear about, along with their best advice for easing the tensions that can break a relationship for good.  YOU DON’T APPRECIATE METhis statement is part [...]

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How Jealousy Can Harm Your Marriage

One of the most positive aspects of being in a committed relationship is feeling secure in your partner’s love. It’s wonderful to know that we are desired and valued for whom we truly are – and that our bond is strong because of the love we give our partners in return. Still, we’re only [...]

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Healthy Finances, Healthy Marriage

Married couples begin their lives together with high hopes, believing they will be able to weather tough times with help from each other. Yet many don’t realize that conflicts over money can weaken and even break the strongest of relationships. Did you know that fighting about finances is a leading predictor of divorce? This [...]

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How Moving Places Stress on Couples – And How To Prevent It

If you’re packing up your treasured possessions in preparation for a move, it’s wise to think about how to protect your marriage from getting damaged too. Married and committed couples don’t always think about the fact that their relationship is also being shipped to a new neighborhood – or even a new country. The [...]

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Meaningful Gift-Giving for Married Couples

Gift-giving is a big deal in our culture. Throughout the year we are expected to have the perfect present for birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s and Father’s Day and yes, Valentine’s Day. In fact, it seems that planning, buying and sharing gifts has become a focus of modern life – especially within a marriage. But is [...]

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