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Beating Back-to-School Stress: 9 Tips for Keeping Your Relationship Strong

Have you noticed that during the busiest times of the year, your marriage often feels less satisfying and supportive? It’s no secret that life transitions place an extra strain on our most important relationships. [...]

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Attracted to Someone Else? Don’t Let a Crush Destroy Your Marriage

Are you shocked to find out that your partner is attracted to other people? Really, it should be no surprise – since you likely check other people out as well. It’s totally normal to [...]

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Vacation Alert: Why Conflicts (and Divorces) Rise after Couples Get Out of Town

Have you ever returned from a special trip with your spouse, only to wonder if your relationship is falling apart? If so, you’re not alone. A study from the University of Washington shows that [...]

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Warning Signs: The 5 Fights Married Couples Have Before Divorcing

No two divorces are exactly the same – but the arguments that lead to a split are remarkably similar, marriage counselors say.Here are 5 common arguments that couples therapists frequently hear about, along with their [...]

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How Moving Places Stress on Couples – And How To Prevent It

If you’re packing up your treasured possessions in preparation for a move, it’s wise to think about how to protect your marriage from getting damaged too. Married and committed couples don’t always think about [...]

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