It’s summertime, and the living is easy. At least that’s what the old song says – and looking at your friends’ Facebook pages, you might agree. But for some, summer isn’t quite the funfest it’s made out to be.

The hot, bright, long days of summer can turn some of us into grouches – or even make us feel truly sick. From vacation envy to anxiety over what we look like in shorts, there are plenty of stressors. Some people even suffer from summer-onset seasonal affective disorder, or SAD. Regardless of the cause, many people find they need the help of a caring individual therapist who can help them understand what’s happening and, if needed, create a plan to resolve the issue.

Here are 4 signs that the summer blues may be a sign of depression that requires therapeutic treatment.

1. You’re disappointed and can’t get over it

If you build something up in your mind — whether vacations, holidays, or even the first bite of ice cream — there can be disconnect between your expectations and reality. That gap can cause minor disappointment, major stress, or even depression—especially if you feel you’re the only one who’s not having as much fun as expected. If you can’t seem to shake these feelings, you may need to create a care plan with the help of an individual therapist who can discern between everyday discouragement and major depression that must be addressed.

2. You’re feeling over-amped, yet tired all the time

Life seems more animated in the summer. Kids shout, crowds bustle, fireworks explode. Even the clothes are louder! The cacophony can make you anxious if you’re already on overload or you need your quiet time. If you’re having serious trouble managing energy levels, falling asleep or keeping up with responsibilities, take it as a warning sign that you may need to explore these patterns with a therapist.

3. You get overheated at work

You’re surrounded by slackers in summer, right? Or at least it feels that way. If you’re in charge of getting things done and half the office is out on vacation but you’re not, it can feel like nothing’s moving forward. Getting a little cranky about this pattern may be normal, but if you feel a sense of rage or hopelessness, you may need extra support.

4. You feel extreme anxiety about how your body looks

If you’re already a bit uncomfortable with your body, then skimpy, warm-weather fashions may send you running for cover. Most of us feel a little intimidated when we think of baring our legs at the beach for the first time, but if lingering, despondent feelings about your body seem to follow you well into the summer months, it’s a sign that you need to see an individual therapist to discuss body issues.

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