Couples therapy can help you feel truly loved, deeply understood and passionately connected to your mate.

All of us want to feel fully accepted and desired by our partners. Countless books, movies and songs are written about the ways we long to love and be loved in return. Yet learning to create this sense of deep connection can be difficult. As an expert in couples therapy, I am here to help you and your partner find better, more loving ways to relate to one another.

Is your relationship difficult to navigate?

I have worked with many couples in the Phoenix area in my 20+ years as a therapist and I’ve learned a great deal along the way.

It’s clear that all of us have the capacity to fall in love – often easily – and always with great hope for a fulfilling life with a partner who will truly “get” us. But along the way, things can go wrong. When the conflicts start, dreams can crumble before our eyes, leaving us devastated, confused and bewildered.

Inevitably, partners will sometimes feel disconnected from one another like ships passing in the night, leading to a sense of loneliness. Hurtful words and sharp, blameful questions can tear at the  fabric of any union. In some cases, betrayals – including affairs – can create lasting harm that is difficult to overcome.

The good news: Expert counseling can help couples face the many problems they will experience during the life of their relationship. I am ready to help you explore the crucial questions that open the door to healing.

Therapy techniques to help you love and live in harmony

Do you find yourself wondering: How did we get here? It’s a question that comes up again and again in any relationship. Entering into couples counseling can help you discover those wrong turns and figure out how to get on the right path.

I can offer you tips and strategies for moving past old, unconscious patterns that undermine your relationship. Whether you are in a long-time marriage or a fairly new partnership, couples counseling can help you identify what’s not working and create healthy new patterns.

If you’re reading this, you’re already on your way

Change takes courage. And by looking for the right couples therapist, you’re bravely taking that first step. I have many years of counseling training with top experts in the field. I will create a safe, comfortable place for you and your partner to explore yourselves and your relationship in order to find the love and connection you both desire.

Here are just some of the issues I help couples in the Phoenix area to explore:

  • Communication
  • Distance Between Partners
  • Constant Fighting
  • Frustrating Communication Patterns
  • Second Marriages
  • Sexual Issues
  • Lying & Betrayal
  • Deception & Affairs
  • Step-Family Issues
  • New Marriages
  • New Families
  • LGBT Couples
  • Parenting Struggles
  • Passive-Aggressive Behaviors
  • Alcohol Abuse
  • Substance Abuse

I’m Janae, a psychotherapist serving individuals and couples in Phoenix, Arizona. My clients live and work in all parts of the city, including North Central, Biltmore and Uptown, as well as the surrounding areas of Scottsdale, Arcadia, Paradise Valley, Moon Valley and McCormick Ranch. With nearly 25 years of experience, I am ready to help you.